spring10_TedBlauBlau has no plans to let his AMD – or anything else – slow him down.

Ted Blau taught his kids to think of setbacks as new adventures. And that's exactly how he's approached his macular degeneration.

Blau discovered he had AMD in 2005 while looking at an Amsler Grid, something he does regularly to monitor his vision. In the years since, he's had cataract surgery and receives regular Lucentis injections in both eyes. He began attending MDP support groups [former AMD support groups hosted by DEF] and seminars, where he has learned about assistive devices and treatment updates; he also attended the DEF Los Angeles Vision Symposium.

Blau uses reading and magnifying glasses, as well as a Sapphire portable video magnifier, to minimize AMD's effect on his life. A prominent entertainment lawyer for many years, Blau seldom takes a vacation, spending his off time reading, watching TV and going to the movies; losing his sight was not something he wanted to consider.

The Bronx, NY-born Los Angeles resident began his law career at the MCA talent agency in New York and has since represented such household names as Bobby Darin, Rock Hudson, Nat King Cole, Fred Astaire and Johnny Mathis (you can even find him at www.johnnymathis.com, under "Backstage"). Blau started his own entertainment-law firm several years ago; he currently represents The Caucus for Television Producers, Writers and Directors, and The Magic Castle, as well as many other people and companies in music, television and movies.

Blau has no plans to let his AMD – or anything else – slow him down, applying his lifelong philosophy to every bump in the road: "I look at these things as new adventures, as challenges."

Posted December 2010