In addition to being icons of the cosmetics industry, Max Factor and his family are icons in the philanthropy community.

In addition to being icons of the cosmetics industry, Max Factor and his family are icons in the philanthrop community. Through the Max Factor Family Foundation, descendants of the Oscar-winning make-up artist are generous donors to numerous causes, including medical research; scholarships for education in the fields of medicine public health and computer technologies particularly benefiting disadvantaged minorities and the disabled and assistance to social service agencies in the Jewish and nonsectarian communities throughout Southern California.The foundation has been among the Discovery Eye Foundation's most ardent supporters since an association that grew out of a relationship between the Factor family and Medical Director Anthony Nesburn. "Tony was a personal friend of my grandfather, Davis Factor Sr., and was close friends with my father, Davis Factor Jr., for more than 60 years, " says Dean Factor (pictured), a member of the board of the Factor Family Foundation).

The Factor Family Foundation has provided critical financial support to for more than two decades allowing it to continue its groundbreaking work in research and education to combat eye disease.

"We are very proud of our association with everyone at Discovery Eye Foundation and the outstanding work they do in macular degeneration and keratoconus," Factor says. "DEF has made incredible strides in research and their findings will help make life better for all people."

Posted April 2009