If you have low vision and find reading difficult, we would like to share some information about a new app for your iPad that will let you personalize the experience and give you access to over 250,000 books, including best sellers. The app is called Spotlight Text and is the first eBook reader crafted specifically for individuals with vision loss. Here are some highlights:

  • Access Bookshare's 250,000+ collection of books (including best sellers and new releases).

  • Designed for maximum legibility

  • Multiple reading modes including one designed specifically for individuals with RP Constricted Field

  • Autoplay mode with customizable speeds

  • Increase or decrease font size to your desire

  • Simple and easy to navigate user interface

  • Unlimited Screen Size with Apple TV or Direct HDMI Contact

If you decide to buy the app, please follow this link for purchase as the inventor of the app, retina surgeon, Dr. Howard J. Kaplan, is generously donating 50% of the proceeds to Discovery Eye Foundation for each app purchased.

Please click here or on the app icon to purchase the app and benefit DEF.

To learn more about this app and see a video, go to www.spotlighttext.com.