For people with wet macular degeneration, there are several treatment options and more are being developed, aimed at either sealing off the leaking blood vessels (with a laser and light sensitive drug) and/or preventing the blood vessels from growing back (called anti-angiogenic therapies). Repeated treatments are needed and will be determined on an individual basis by your doctor. Some can be as often as once a month, but doctors are now finding that treatments can be spaced further apart and still be effective. Early detection and treatment is important for good results of any therapy for wet macular degeneration. The goal is to stop or slow the progression of wet AMD. While it is possible to restore some vision in patients treated early, none of the therapies can restore vision in an eye with scarring.

Macular Degeneration Overview

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Intravitreal Injections: Post-Op

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Eye Testing Options

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There are currently no medical treatments for dry macular degeneration, but research is underway to find treatments for dry AMD, which affect 90% of the people with AMD.

The Discovery Eye Foundation
Here are some treatment options (including video) for wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration from The Discovery Eye Foundation - the Southern California-based non-profit organization.