The Discovery Eye Foundation has two educational/outreach programs to help people affected by age-related macular degeneration and keratoconus. These programs are called:

??Macular Degeneration Partnership ??National Keratoconus Foundation

Both have websites filled with useful information and resources, as well as qualified staff available to answer questions and provide support by phone or email, FREE of charge. To better help busy eye care professionals, we also provide a variety of printed materials, including our exclusive Rx pads. These convenient pads allow you to hand a ?prescription for information? to any patient who is newly diagnosed or has a question about AMD or KC for those questions that always come up when they leave your office. To order, just click on the appropriate pad.

The best Rx is information!

Age Related Macular Degeneration National Keratoconus Foundation
The Discovery Eye Foundation
Doctors, here are tow educational/ outreach programs to help those patients affected by age related macular degeneration and keratoconus. Check out the Discovery Eye Foundation for other resources.
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